August 7th Hydrocarbon Well Plugging Services update cementing, plugging oil and gas wells

On August 7th, HWS began cleaning out cement inside 8 5/8″ casing with a 7 7/8″ tricone bit on the well in Pleasants Co. WV.
Tomorrow we will continue milling out cement.
On August 7th, HWS installed monument and cleaned pit out on the well in Armstrong PA. This well is completed. 
On August 7th, HWS continued site prep on well in Butler PA.

Bridge Work
Tomorrow they will continue site prep and move rig on location in Butler PA.
On August 7th, HWS set 650′ cement plug on the well in Lawrence County Ohio, tripped tubing out.
Site prep
Crew will tag plug in the morning with tubing and set another plug back to 1500′
On August 7th, a representative from Hydrocarbon management met insurance rep for site inspections.