How much does it cost to plug an oil and gas well?

Oil and gas wells come in so many different depths, ages, sizes, and types. Some are hundreds of years old. Other wells use new technology and are horizontally drilled. Obviously, the answer which everyone hates is “it depends.”

Hydrocarbon Well Services has plugged more than 1500 wells in our 35+ year history. Some took a couple weeks, some took several months. Some cost $20,000. Some cost more than $1,ooo,ooo. These prices do not include reclamation or site prep if needed.

If you have a shallow well (less than 1000′ deep), have good well records, and the well was recently in production (i.e. the perfect well), you may very well get it plugged for $20,000-$25,000. However, in the 1500 wells we have plugged, only about 25 were like this or around 2%.

Most fall into the $40,000-$60,000 range. 1100 of the 1500 wells we have plugged fall into this range or about 70%.  This is an O&G well – with ok well records or well records for a well nearby – about 3000′ feet deep, with no site prep or reclamation, and had been out of production for 20+ years.

Many times the well will have an obstruction downhole that causes problems in reaching total depth (TD). If there is an obstruction (about 25% of the time), then we must bring in a power swivel unit to break through it. This usually increases the cost $20000+. Hope this helps! We are always here to assist in a turn-key plugging solution! Call us today: 3044729600

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