Hydrocarbon Well Service – Well Plugging & Capping Update – 4/20/21

Hydrocarbon Rig 9 crew began cleaning out 4.5” casing, around 1506′ it felt like we were into metal. Operator thinks we are in a mud anchor or the casing is swedged down. Tripped out work string and tri cone bit. Ran impression block and all the marks are on the side of the impression block. Prep to run back in hole.


Hydrocarbon Rig 12 Crew is wrapping up reclamation on their project.


Hydrocarbon Rig 14 crew placing mats and almost ready to start equipment mobilization.



Rig 9


Rig 12 – Reclamation


Rig 12 Reclamation


Rig 14 Site Prep – Placing Mats