Sept 3 Hydrocarbon Well Plugging, Sealing and Cementing Report

 HWS checked top of cement at 2716′, tripped in workstring and set a 120 sack (600′) plug on the well in Armstrong PA. Tripped workstring up to 1000′ and shut in well.
Will check cement top handset plugs Wednesday. 2 pics
HWS tripped in hole with box tap and began fishing for tubing on the well in Lawrence Ohio. Got ahold of tubing and it pulled into. Tripped out and had 6′ of 2″ tubing. Tripped back in and repeated, tubing keeps breaking.
Will continue fishing tomorrow.
HWS finished fabricating skid for pump jack to set on for Big Sand.
Will get skid and pump jack on location and get jack set up on skid.