Oil and Gas Well Plugging and Capping News and Information

Daily Blogs about Hydrocarbon Well Services oil and gas well plugging and capping services.

Hydrocarbon Well Service Rig #9 Crew has completed another plugging and capping project. They have welded on cap, and are
Hydrocarbon Well Service Rig 9 crew prepping site for their next plugging & capping project. Hydrocarbon Well Service Rig 12
Rig 9 crew prepping new site for plugging and capping operations. Gravel going down and silt fence being installed.  
Rig 9 Crew getting water to finish plugging out on their well. Rig 12 Crew putting final touches on a
Hydrocarbon Rig 9 Crew continued milling with tapper mill. Tripped out and inspected mill, decision was made to get tripped
Hydrocarbon Rig 9 crew began cleaning out 4.5'' casing, around 1506' it felt like we were into metal. Operator thinks
Hydrocarbon Well Service continues their progress in getting rigged up with Rig 9 Crew, building next location with Rig 14
Hydrocarbon Well Service is thankful for each day we get to do what we love. Rig 9 Crew is setting
Although not enacted yet, it is projected that the ‘‘Orphaned Well Clean- up and Jobs Act of 2021’’ will have