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Daily Blogs about Hydrocarbon Well Services oil and gas well plugging and capping services.

HWS killed gas off well in Armstrong PA, and ran bond log. Got permission from inspector to set cast iron
Hydrocarbon plugs many wells for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources through its Orphan well program. Hydrocarbon also plugs wells
Armstong PA - HWS pumped 100 bbl water down tubing to kill gas, checked Td and ran bond log inside
Beautiful Evening to Plug
Set plugs today, will try to cement back tomorrow from 650' to surface. Ohio milled down to 1318' with the
HWS power swiveled on the well in Armstrong PA. Made 35' of hole using a 4 7/8" tri cone mill.
 HWS checked top of cement at 2716', tripped in workstring and set a 120 sack (600') plug on the well
HWS done production work for Big Sand, swabbed 4.5" casing. Filled tank, called to have tank hauled.   Will haul
Rig Floor
HWS checked TOC on the well in Pleasants County at 42', tripped in, topped off cement, tripped out and pumped
Site prep
On August 7th, HWS began cleaning out cement inside 8 5/8" casing with a 7 7/8" tricone bit on the