August 20, 2019 Hydrocarbon Well Plugging, Sealing, and Cementing Wells

HWS done production work for Big Sand, swabbed 4.5″ casing. Filled tank, called to have tank hauled.
Will haul oil and swab again.
HWS set permanent well head on well in Butler Co. PA. Welded api number on collar, moved equipment off site and started reclamation. 
Will get rig moved off location, load mats and reclaim.
HWS set plug at casing seat, then set a 200′ surface plug. Cleaned up, loaded up tools completed with. Scheduled disposal truck to empty pit.
Will top off plug as needed, cut casing off below grade and weld api# on monument. Get rigged down and ready to start demob.
HWS switched out pump jack motor for Big Sand.