Hydrocarbon Well Plugging

Hydrocarbon Well Services completed rigging up on an site in PA to begin Well Plugging procedures.  Hydrocarbon blew the well down to begin checking for total depth (TD) to operate a safely as possible. TD checked at 2631′. Hydrocarbon worked the 3 inch tubing attempting to release production packer to allow to set a cement plug. Will discuss with PA DEP inspector in the morning that the packer did not release and how he wants to proceed.
For the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) well plugging and orphan well program, we drilled with 12 1/4″ tricone bit, got drilled down 18′ and lost circulation.
Continued drilling and pumped 224 barrels (bbl) of water and got drilled down to 24 feet. Tripped out drill pipe and bit, tripped 24′ of 10 3/4″ casing in well, will cement in place tomorrow.
In WV for Civil Environmental Consultants  we mobilized well plugging and cementing equipment to the road entrance. We met with West Virginia Department of Natural Resources (WVDNR) and scheduled stone delivery for in the morning and began site prep on access road.
Hydrocarbon also visited a 5 well plugging package for the ODNR for bid.