Week of January 30th – Hydrocarbon Plugging Report.


HWS set cement plug, took 400 psi to break circulation and 250 psi to pump plug. Displace and tripped up out of hole. Will tag plug in morning and set plug back up to 950′ on the well in Nicholas Co.
HWS topped off cement plug, emptied pit, moved pit off location, moved load of timber mats to next location and unloaded. Moved tubing float, and tank off location and got rigged down. Will move equipment off site tomorrow in Ohio.
A representative of Hydrocarbon attended pre bid meetings in Ohio.
HWS checked top of cement, tripped in with work string and set surface plug. Tripped out, had pit hauled, rig down and began demob in Nicholas Co.
HWS worked on reclamation in Ohio and mob equipment to new site.