August 5, 2019 Hydrocarbon Well Services Plugging and Cementing Wells

In WV, HWS checked TOC @ 52′, trip in hole, set cement plug back to surface. 
Will check cement in the morning. If plug is good, will rig down. Excavate cellar out, move tubing float and pit back to shop.
In PA, HWS checked TOC @ 220′, trip in hole and ran 90 sacks of cement. Still did not get cement or returns back. Wait on cement.
Came back to site and checked TOC at 90′, will cement again in morning.
While waiting, crew began site prep on 18-4, got brush cut and road started. Road built down close to well, will start cutting tree’s tomorrow and building location.
Road Reclaimation
Road Reclamation
In Ohio, crew filled water tank and loaded hole, set up pumps and hoses for cementing, prep for wireline in the morning.
If log goes well, plan is to finish tripping into 2850′ and set bottom hole plug.