Hydrocarbon Well Service Plugging & Capping 4/19/21

Hydrocarbon Well Service continues their progress in getting rigged up with Rig 9 Crew, building next location with Rig 14 Crew and beginning reclamation on the latest plugged and capped well with Rig 12 Crew.


Rig 9 crew worked packer to un-jay. Has wireline truck scheduled for this evening to run bond log/collar locator to confirm packer and free point of 4.5” casing.


Rig 12 crew is reclaiming on their recently plugged well, will get casing cut off below grade and get monument plate installed.

Rig 14 crew is placing mats on their recently built location, prepping for rig arrival.



Rig 9
Rig 12 reclamation
Rig 14 Site Build