Ohio Orphan Well Landowner Pass Through Agreement

Hydrocarbon plugs many wells for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources through its Orphan well program. Hydrocarbon also plugs wells for individual landowners. Now, Ohio will reimburse landowners that choose to plug their wells using Hydrocarbon. Please contact us today to get your well assessed and plugged. This expedites the process rather than having the ODNR get you on the plug list which is hundreds of wells long.

From the ODNR:

Under the Landowner Passthrough Agreement, a landowner hires a contractor to plug an orphan well under the Division of Oil and Gas’s approval and seeks reimbursement for the contractor from the Division of Oil and Gas. Pursuing a Landowner Passthrough Agreement will require a landowner to take an active role in plugging and orphan well and become a party to contract with the Division of Oil and Gas and the proposed contractor. For more information on this program, please find the resources below. Please contact the Division at orphanwellprogram@dnr.state.oh.us with any questions.