Hydrocarbon Well Plugging Update October 1, 2019

Armstong PA – HWS pumped 100 bbl water down tubing to kill gas, checked Td and ran bond log inside 2″. Bond showed tubing cemented in from 2900′ back to 2600′, tubing would not load up past 2400′. Plan for tomorrow- Will continue to trying to load hole, set 2 cibp, and shoot off tubing.
Lawrence County OH – HWS set plug from 600′ back to 300′, tripped out and loaded up 4.5″ casing and hauled back to yard. Moved dozer to next well site. Plan for tomorrow – check plug, set surface plug and rig down. Begin site prep on next site.
HWS ran pump and rods back in well for Mr. Donley, leveled pump jack, changed out cross ties and rigged down. Plan for tomorrow is to move on next well and pull rods.