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Although not enacted yet, it is projected that the ‘‘Orphaned Well Clean- up and Jobs Act of 2021’’ will have
HWS Rig 9 crew tripped in tubing, set cement plug and tripped tubing out of hole. While waiting on cement
Hydrocarbon crews staying busy prepping sites, swiveling and demobilization of mats despite this crazy weather. Plugging and Capping continues.... Hydrocarbon
Hydrocarbon Rig 9 crew prepping access and placing mats on their next plug and cap project. Hydrocarbon Rig 12 crew
Another chilly morning for Rig 9 Crew
Rig 9 - Hydrocarbon Well Service continued washing over the 2'' tubing, got washed down to 455' and now power
Plugging a well
Rig - 9 Hydrocarbon Well Service got connected to the 4.5'' wash over pipe to begin washing over the two
Plugging a well
Rig 9 - tripped in 1" tubing, set bottom hole plug. Pulled up to 600' and circulate hole. Shit in
Plugging a well
Rig 9 - Another early morning.. Well rocked up to 420 psi over night, continued blowing down. Secured site for
Plugging a well
Rig 9 - Tuscarawas County, OH Hydrocarbon Well Service finished up containment, had pre spud safety meeting with Odnr Emergency