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Daily Blogs about Hydrocarbon Well Services oil and gas well plugging and capping services.

HWS continued production services for Big Sand. Rods were ran in, pump seated, pump jack set back in place and
HWS continued production work for Big Sand, loving the weather extreme from snow and ice last Friday to rain and
HWS moved equipment off location, loaded and moved out bad tubing. Treated well with Solvent and prep location for unloading
HWS continued stripping tubing and rods, utilizing mud bucket to keep all fluid contained while stripping out of hole on
1/30/2020 HWS set cement plug, took 400 psi to break circulation and 250 psi to pump plug. Displace and tripped
HWS pulled rods out of the well for Big Sand, rebuilding pump and will trip pump and rods back in
HWS moved on Big dand well, cut pump jack off stand, load and move out of way. Spot rig and
Hws completed swabbing well in Morgantown, moved rig back to Clarksburg to begin rid job for Big Sand.    HWS
HWS checked top of cement, began pulling 4.5" casing. String weight of casing went above 30,000, should only be 13,000.